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Lione Green Carpet Cleaning Los Angeles

Do you live in Los Angeles, or any of the surrounding cities, and need high quality green carpet cleaning, because you want the best carpet cleaning available, and you care about the environment and your family? Then call Lione Green Carpet Cleaning Los Angeles at 888-578-8836 today! Lione Green Carpet cleaning does carpet cleaning, pet stain and odor removal, rug cleaning, tile cleaning, upholstery cleaning, water damage cleaning, mattress cleaning, window cleaning, and much more! We are specialists in high quality green carpet cleaning. We pride ourselves on 100% customer satisfaction, using safe non-toxic and effective green cleaning techniques, and we back it all with our 90 day guarantee! To learn more, read on below and check out our reviews as well!

Green Carpet Cleaning Near Me

If having a home that is clean and worry free is important to you, then Lione Green Carpet Cleaning Los Angeles is here to help you answer the question “Where do i get green carpet cleaning near me?”.  By allowing us to serve you,  you will be playing an important role in supporting an eco friendly “green” environment. Our commitment to the environment means the safest cleaning products with biodegradable ingredients. We promise that your home will be very clean and very fresh, all while keeping our impact to the environment green friendly!


“Lione Green Carpet Cleaning – amazing professionals!”


5★★★★★“I usally do not write very many reviews for my experiences, but in this case I really wanted people to know….Lione Green Carpet Cleaning are some amazing professionals!.

Right off the bat, Lione Green Carpet Cleaning was very easy to communicate with! From the initial call and estimate/appointment scheduling, to the finished product, I was very impressed with how I was treated!

We had some major cleaning that needed to be done in all 4 bedrooms and hallways, along with an office, library and dining room!  At the same time, we have always been concerned about the environment, and that is where Lione Green truly shined!  They completed the job in an efficient manner using safe and non toxic products, leaving our home looking beautiful, and us feeling great about doing our part for helping the environment!  We would recommend Lione Green to anyone with carpet cleaning needs!”

Alyssa Michaelson in Los Angeles, CA



“Lione Green Carpet Cleaning was amazing”

★★★★★“Lione Green Carpet Cleaning was amazing!!! I have a puppy that was left in the basement game room one day when we went out shopping.  At some point the puppy apparently jump up on a counter and bumped a water knob on the side of the sink that was plugged.  The water ran for almost 12 hrs, and when we got home, we had a large section in the kitchen area of the basement that was flooded.   I was certain that I would have to completely replace the carpet, but I took a chance on having it repaired first, and I am very happy I did! Lione Green did a great job cleaning up the water damage, they used products that are environmentally conscious which is important to us, and they saved me a bunch of money, because I didnt have to completely replace everything!

Lione Greene, is in my opinion, the true example of what a professional company should be like!

I’m so happy right now!”

Sally Shorte in Los Angeles, CA



“Lione Greene came in under their original estimate!”


★★★★★“Lione Greene came out on the weekend to clean my living room upholstery, and they didn’t even charge me extra for the weekend visit!. The entire process, from start to finish went extremely smooth! I had contacted them a week before and they requested some pics, so they could evaluate my problem. They responded the same day with an inital estimate and appointment time! Not only did they do a great job with upholstery cleaning, they came in under the original estimate $$$!!!”

Sasha Cohen in Beverly Hills, CA


Lione Green Carpet Cleaning Los Angeles

We provide green carpet cleaning services in Los Angeles, CA and surrounding citites. Our cleaning services are provided by staff that is fully trained with state of the art equipment and green, eco friendly products.

At Lione Green Carpet Cleaning Los Angeles,  we gurantee to bring you the most safe, strong and effective green cleaning solution available.  We care about our environment, as well as you and your family! To ensure our customers get the safest, and healthy services available, we only use non-toxic and bio degradable cleaning products!

We only use products that meet, and most often exceed the EPA’s environmental guidelines. This means, manufacturers of our products must meet EPA guidelines in every way, from production to shipping.  This results in green cleaning products for your carpet cleaning needs that are healthier our employees as well as our customers.


“Exceeded all expectations we had!”

★★★★★“Lione Green Carpet Cleaning exceeded all expectations we had! We are the proud parents of a beautiful 1 yr old girl!  She is at the stage where crawling is a sport for her now!   As much time as she spends on the floor, it was imperative for us that we use only the safest products for cleaning!  We needed out entire living, dining and bedroom areas done.  Lione Green not only did a great job, they used green friendly cleaning products that left the carpet looking great, made us feel better about the environmental impact we were having, and made us feel safe letting our baby girl explore on the floor!  Thank you guys for a job well done!” 

Jonathan McDowell in Beverly Hills, CA


Lione Green Tile and Grout Cleaning Los Angeles

  Tile and grout cleaning done by Lione Green Cleaning Los Angeles,  will eliminate the dirt in your grout, and breathe new beautiful life into your tile! It’s a fact that keeping tile and grout clean can be messy and time consuming. For many of our customers, we find this is often a “to do” item that never seems to get done!Clean and bright ceramic tiles surrounded by bright and clean grout borders will  add beauty sparkle, and comfort to your home!  Call the experts at Lione Greene Los Angeles to have your tile and grout restored to it’s original, beautiful condition!



“Lione Green Carpet Cleaning – amazing professionals!”


5★★★★★“Having all hardwood, along with about 700 sq ft of tile in our home, requires a lot of cleaning that we could no longer keep up with!  We needed help that could do the job of effectively cleaning our tile / grout, while at the same time use products that were safe for our pets and children.  Lione Green Cleaning certainly met our expectations and requirements! They not only did the job with green and safe products, they restored our tile/grout to it’s original luster!  It means a lot to have both great work and be environmentally safe! We would recommend these guys to anyone who needs tile and grout cleaned in a high safe and effective manner! Thank you so much Lione Green!  We will certainly be calling you back in the future for any and all of our floor cleaning needs! 5 stars guys!”

Moe Bandy in Los Angeles, CA


Lione Green Rug Cleaning Los Angeles

Lione Green Los Angeles provides  all your rug cleaning needs, and does so with the safest and most effective cleaning products available. Our cleaning utilizes spill proof cleaning methods, and are done by very professional technicians with the latest equipment!  Area and wool rugs certainly add style, comfort and beauty to any space. However, like conventional carpet, rugs suffer over time from things like a lot of feet coming across them, dirt, various things dropped on them, and many other materials.

Utilizing the highest quality equipment and the lates techniques, Lione Green Los Angeles can guarantee you that your rugs will continue to provide beauty and comfort for many, many years!

Call Lione Green Los Angeles today! We guarantee to breathe new life into your rugs!



“Our living room rugs look amazing!”


5★★★★★“Over the years, we have managed to acquire quite an extensive collection of rugs for our home!  While we have enjoyed them very much, and feel they are an integral part of our homes charm, there have been moments were we have considered downsizing our collection because keeping up with cleaning is tough!  We called Lione Green on a neighbors advice, and we are so glad we did! A technician and his workers came out and assessed all of our rugs that needed attnetion.  Using new equipment and green safe cleaning product, they got 8 different rugs completely clean and looking new again!  We appreciate this so much, as we have worked for many year to amass this collection, and now we can keep them knowing we always have a company availalbe to help us out when needed with any of our rug cleaning needs! Thank you!”

Velma Itamura  in Los Angeles, CA


Lione Green Carpet Cleaning Los Angeles is a company highly respected in the industry for its professionalism which guarantees to give you unparalleled service and only 5 star service from our office staff! Lione Green has a long menu of available service skills to offer, and backs all of the work done with a 90 day guarantee!

Lione respects and understands how valuable and important your time is, and we promise that our technicians will show up on time and ready to work! The work vehicles will have on board latest eco friendly equipment and cleaning products. Lione Green will perform and guarantee to provide safe, cost effective, and environmentally friendly services to have results in your home or office that you will be happy with!

Along with having a home that is clean, you will be assisting us to provide a green friendly environment for everyone! Our slogan is “We Clean Green for You” which means the products we use are eco friendly and safe for your home and pets! From the beginning of a job to the end of a job, we will clean and freshen your space while being conscious or our environmental footprint as well!

Aside from the best carpet cleaning, we provide many services! From renewed tile or renewed grout, cleaning of hardwood floors, cleaning for upholstery, cleaning for area rugs, to the restoration of carpets in RV’s , we are your one stop green cleaning shop!



“We depend on guys like you!”


5★★★★★“We just had to let Lione Green and everbody know how imporant you are! We depend on guys like you!”

Having twins that both suffer from chronic allergies and environmental sensitivites, it is of the utmost importance for us to use nothing in our home that is not completely green friendly and safe for people, pets, and most importantly our 2 beautiful boys!  So from the moment that Lione Green Cleaning came into our home, we knew we had found an amazing company that understood our strict needs for eco friendly services!  They did over 2000 sq ft of carpet, another 800 sq ft of tile, and several area rugs throughout our home.  The technicians worked hard, were professional and friendly, and left the home looking, smelling and feeling awesome! They also spent some time giving us pointers for some future things we could do to stay green friendly in minor cleaning issues, in between visits from Lione Greene!  An exceptional experience, priced fairly, and backed by a gurantee! Wow! Thank you so much Lione Green!”

Mike and Deena White in Los Angeles, CA


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